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Boston University
School of Communication

Boston, Massachusetts


At its heart, communication is about telling stories. BU's College of Communication (COM) is where talented graduate students learn how to hone their storytelling abilities and apply them for professional success. COM graduate programs provide the academic rigor, experiential opportunities, alumni network, and faculty of leading professionals to prepare you for a career in the dynamic communication and media industries. We offer a range of master’s programs: Advertising, Emerging Media Studies (PhD also available), Film and TV Studies, Journalism, Mass Communication (Media Science), Marketing Communication Research, Media Ventures, Public Relations, Screenwriting, and Television (with concentrations in Producing/Management or Producing/Writing).

BU's College of Communication seeks to elevate and ensure a culture of inclusion in which all members of our community are valued and respected.

We strive to create an inclusive and equitable environment that recruits, supports, and retains a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff. We celebrate the diversity of identity, culture, perspective, and expression in our community. As professional communicators, we have a responsibility to:

*Foster an environment that cultivates diverse storytellers, *Promote the value of research and telling stories in academia and the various fields of professional communication that emphasize diversity, equity, and inclusion, and

*Inform, enlighten, and prepare the next generation of communicators to thrive in a diverse and inclusive world.

Postgraduate Degrees

MS in Advertising

MS in Public Relations

MS in Media Science

MS in Media Science: Marketing Communication Research

MS in Television

MS in Media Ventures (Media Innovation)

MFA in Screenwriting

MFA in Film & Television Studies

MS in Journalism

MA in Emerging Media Studies

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