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The Change Can't Wait Campaign is Leadership Brainery's primary fundraising campaign in support of our 5-year strategic plan.

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We accept gifts via online, mailed checks, stock transfer, DAF, and matching gifts.

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Our supporters are the backbone of the Change Can't Wait Campaign! Click below to learn more about the different ways you can join the movement!

Help implement Leadership Brainery's 5-Year Strategic Plan

Change can't wait when it comes to breaking down the walls that deny underrepresented students equitable access to master's and doctoral degrees!

We stand at a pivotal moment in history, where the wealth and opportunity gaps have grown wider, exacerbating systemic inequalities. The recent affirmative action case has only sent more shockwaves through our communities, highlighting the urgency of our mission.

Now is the time to rise together and forge a new path. The Change Can't Wait Campaign is a catalyst for change, propelling us towards a future where equitable access to education is not a dream, but a reality. The potential of countless bright minds is being stifled, their dreams put on hold due to circumstances beyond their control. But we refuse to accept this status quo.

Leadership Brainery's Change Can't Wait Campaign is a fundraising campaign zeroed in on raising $10M over the next 5 years.  As an organization, we are focused on expanding our ability to aid those students with their backs most against the wall, and have taken on a 5 year strategic plan in order to do so.

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Your support is the driving force that will propel us towards our strategic goals. By working together, we will combat inequities and create the world we want to live in. The clock is ticking, and change simply cannot wait.

Together, we can create pathways to generational wealth and opportunity for underserved communities. Let's take action now and empower young student leaders to reach for the highest levels of education. Get involved in the Change Can't Wait Campaign today and be part of the unstoppable wave of transformation. The future begins today.

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