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Why partner with Leadership Brainery?

Employers must equitably invest the financial and development resources that can expose diverse and underprivileged communities to potential career pathways that have been historically out-of-reach. Therefore, the pipeline that can increase the pool of diverse talent remains narrow and limited.


Early exposure to historically out-of-reach industries increases the likelihood that youth will foster a sense of belonging, commit to particular career pathways, and aspire to occupy leadership roles.

Social Responsibility

  • Invest in historically-underserved communities to create educational equity and generational prosperity.

  • Build and regain trust and good will.


  • Raise youth awareness of potential career and leadership pathways.

  • Expose youth to your organization's culture and values to create a sense of belonging.

Talent Sourcing

Gain access to LB Connect, our online and app-based community and student database, to identify, assess, and engage diverse and first-generation college students for potential internship and fellowship opportunities. 

Employee Engagement

Your employees can mentor youth by sharing educational and career guidance, resources, and connections that can heighten industry interest and preparation.

Annual Partnership Benefits

10 Great company benefits for supporting Leadership Brainery!




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