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Boston University

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Boston, Massachusetts


Welcome! Arts & Sciences is Boston University’s largest academic division, the heart of a world-class research university. The academic history of the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences is rich with leaders of research and thought, innovators whose impacts have changed lives. Our faculty in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences are among the world’s most respected professors, researchers, and professionals in their disciplines. Our alumni are leading innovation and research and making an impact in their fields. Our campus is Boston, a city vibrant with history, culture, and diversity, and teeming with potential for connections and careers.

Our mission can best be achieved through a diverse, inclusive, and accessible environment for all.

At the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, it is our belief that our intellectual community depends upon the critical but collegial collaboration of diverse individuals from multiple communities of origin, religious traditions, ethnic and racial backgrounds, gender and sexual identities, schools of thought, and ethical and political commitments, some living with disabilities. Furthermore, our mission as a tax-exempt private educational institution is to serve the public good by educating and nurturing research and discovery. These goals can only be achieved through a diverse, inclusive, and accessible environment, in which all people are, and feel themselves to be, respected as moral equals engaged in a common pursuit of expanding the boundaries of our knowledge and creativity.

We invite you to explore all that GRS has to offer. We are a dynamic and diverse community of professionals, scientists, artists, and scholars from around the globe, dedicated to inquiry and innovation and making a difference in our world. Join us, and prepare to be your best self.

Postgraduate Degrees

MA African American Studies

MS Biology

MS Biostatistics

MS Computer Science

MA Economics

MS Energy & Environment

MFA Literary Translation

MA Psychology

MS Remote Sensing & Geospatial Sciences

MS Statistical Practice

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