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Announcing Leadership Brainery's 2023 Ambassador Fellowship Cohort!

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Leadership Brainery is proud to announce the selection of 25 extraordinary college student leaders for our 2023 Ambassador Fellowship. After an exhaustive and rigorous selection process, these deserving students have been chosen from a competitive pool of talented applicants to embark on an 18-month transformative journey to graduate school.

Leadership Brainery Ambassador Fellowship 2023 - Graduate School Readiness Program

The Leadership Brainery Ambassador Fellowship is designed to equip high-achieving college student leaders of color with the necessary skills and resources to excel in graduate school and future leadership roles. The carefully curated curriculum spans from the students' junior to senior year. Ambassadors embark on a journey of personal, professional, and academic development, ensuring they meet the essential admissions prerequisites and requirements. Moreover, the Fellowship will provide opportunities to build strong networks with peers and industry leaders.

The selected Ambassadors have demonstrated unparalleled courage during the application process, showcasing their unwavering commitment to leadership, education, and excellence. Their remarkable achievements, both inside and outside the classroom, have already left an indelible mark on their communities and beyond.

Our third cohort of Ambassadors come from diverse academic disciplines and backgrounds, reflecting the program's commitment to fostering an interdisciplinary and inclusive community. Each Ambassador brings unique life experiences, skills, and perspectives, creating an environment primed for creative collaboration and mutual learning.

This prestigious graduate school readiness fellowship unlocks boundless opportunities that will elevate these students' lives and uplift those around them. LB Ambassadors are pivotal in advancing justice and equity, fostering increased representation of diverse leadership across various critical career fields.

Fellowship Benefits:

Capacity Building
  • Personal Development - Ambassadors build self-efficacy and confidence by exploring their unique identities and lived experiences in relation to the local, academic, and virtual communities you occupy.

  • Leadership Development - Ambassadors grow as an equitable and results-driven leaders who are intentional, resourceful, and responsible. Learn to build a personal brand & control your leadership narrative.

Financial Support
  • Scholarship Funding - $10,000 is awarded to each Ambassador at the beginning of their first semester in graduate school. Funding is unrestricted to support students' individual needs.

  • Fully-funded Test Prep & Admissions Coaching - Ambassadors receive premium graduate test preparation materials and individualized admissions coaching. Guidance is provided throughout the completion of standardized tests and submission of applications.

  • Exclusive Access to the LB Clubhouse - Ambassadors access a safe and welcoming private community space in Back Bay Boston with co-working space, and multi-purpose meeting and event rooms.

  • Admission to LB's Annual Graduate School Summit & Soiree - Ambassadors join nearly 200 top industry professionals, graduate school representatives, & prospective graduate students for two days of empowerment and networking.

Congratulations to Leadership Brainery's 2023 Ambassador Cohort!

Aliza Khan, Northeastern University

Aryan Singh, Boston University

Bella Ramirez, Boston University

Bontu Ankit Patro, Boston University

Brianna Anderson, Boston University

Cristel Torres, Northeastern University

Destiny Kluck, Brandeis University

Galilee Barron, Boston University

Inaya Abdul-Haqq, Boston University

Ja’Karri Pierre, Harvard University

Jalyn Allen, Brandeis University

Jean Billa, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jeffery Oyegue, Babson College

Jovita Bell, Brandeis University

Kaushar Barejiya, University of Massachusetts-Boston

Kya Pierre-Dawkins, Boston University

Leah McFarlane, Boston University

Lorenzo Mendiola, Boston University

Lydia Evans, Boston University

Manegabe Bujiriri, Boston University

Nessren Ourdyl, Tufts University

Rishi Patel, Boston University

Serenity Beaumont, Tufts University

Shre Venkatesan, Boston University

Victory Yinka-Banjo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


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