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Leadership Brainery's Response to SCOTUS Outlawing Race-based Admissions

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court has made a ruling that strikes down affirmative action, deeming race-based admissions in higher education unconstitutional. This is not just another legal decision; it's a crushing setback that threatens the progress we've fought so hard to achieve!

We appreciate all of you who have been a part of our efforts over the years. It's time for all of us to MOBILIZE! It's time to INVEST! It's time to REEVALUATE our strategies to safeguard against the erosion of everything we've worked for. We cannot rely solely on legal measures to level the playing field. The education and empowerment of communities of color should not hinge solely on affirmative action. We must prepare our youth to become the most competitive applicants imaginable. Leadership Brainery is committed to continuing to make that happen.

Let's take a sobering look at the impact of California's ban on affirmative action in 1996. After pouring over $500 million into diversity efforts since 1996, the number of Black students in the state has actually DECLINED. UCLA's Black enrollment plummeted from 7 percent before Proposition 209 to a mere 3.43 percent in 1998. By 2019, it had only recovered to 5.98 percent. This undeniable evidence points to the NEGATIVE consequences this ruling will have on access to education across the country.

We desperately need EVERYONE to join our movement. As a proud member of Mass. Governor Maura Healey's newly formed Advisory Council for the Advancement of Representation in Education, I am working alongside leaders such as Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll, Commissioner Noe Ortega, Education Secretary Dr. Patrick Tutwiler, and our incredible council members to unite forces and take concrete actions to demonstrate that Massachusetts is steadfast in its commitment to providing EQUITABLE access to higher education for ALL. Our aim is to serve as a shining model for the rest of the nation.

TO ALL THE STUDENTS impacted by this ruling, we stand by your side, unwavering in our determination to ensure that your dreams and aspirations are never hindered by the barriers of injustice—your future matters, and we will fight relentlessly for your rightful place in higher education.

Together, we can make a difference and build a future where opportunities are truly equal for all!


Derrick Young

Co-founder & Executive Director

Leadership Brainery

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