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About Yolanda Marti

Talent Recruitment Specialist


Yolanda is the Talent Recruitment Specialist for Leadership Brainery. She is responsible for cultivating national partnerships with universities, community organizations and employers to recruit prospective graduate students into LB support programs.  Yolanda has championed educational equity throughout her life, and is committed to the belief that representation is power, especially for people of color.  Her passion for educational and social advancement for minoritized communities is a driving force in both her daily work and lifelong mission. 


At KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate, Yolanda was a lead teacher of Activism and Advocacy.  In this role, she not only aided the charter network in their advancement of anti-racist education, but she also personified her vision of representation as an inspiration for success for students of color.  She worked to reform the curriculum of both her class and others towards more inclusive classroom structures and policies.  Additionally, she aided in the personal and professional development of her peers.   

Yolanda has also worked with both local and national government agencies and has forged connections as a part of the Michigan House of Representatives as well as the White House Department of Education.  In both of these roles, Yolanda advocated for equitable policymaking as well as the growth and development of programs intended for the success of minoritized communities.  

Yolanda received her B.A. in Political Science from the University of Michigan and has a vast array of experiences with advocacy, allyship, and networking.  She is an alumni of Americorps as well as an alumni of Teach for America.  Yolanda is currently pursuing a M. Ed. from Boston University.

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