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To equip extraordinary young leaders from diverse backgrounds so they can gain entry into and transform leadership nationwide.


We envision a day when competitive postgraduate classrooms throughout the country are enriched by an equitable representation of first-generation and diverse students, empowered to transform our country’s leadership.

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We equip diverse young leaders to become professionals in STEM, law, health, business, education, and arts through direct guidance, empowerment, networking, and graduate and professional school preparation.

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We connect diverse young leaders to sustainable career opportunities to help close racial wealth gaps, and create generational prosperity.

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We train diverse young leaders to foster inclusive communities of hope, belonging, and action.

LB Theory of Change

With greater resources and access to inclusive networks and advanced education, BIPOC communities can leverage higher-wage careers to establish financial stability and reinvest in their communities to create generational prosperity, thus closing wealth and opportunity gaps.