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JAKE Small Joins Boston's Inaugural Class of Multiplying Good ChangeMakers

Updated: Feb 9

Leadership Brainery Director of Strategic Alliances, JAKE Small has been invited to join Boston's inaugural Multiplying Good ChangeMaker cohort. The organization believes in cultivating greatness through service to others and celebrates the incoming cohort members who embody this spirit and have the potential to truly move our community forward.

JAKE joins a cohort with other service-minded leaders throughout Greater Boston:

Lina Cañon, Nur Group

Lauren DeSousa, Walker Solutions

Lo Hennessey, Lo Henny Art

Ellen Macaulay, Environment League of Massachusetts

Jeremy Torres, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Maria Vasco, Uvida Shop

Lidia Zayas, Red Sox Foundation

The 2024 Boston ChangeMakers cohort kicks off their journey on January 26th at the iconic Boston Museum of Science, a fitting setting for their innovative ideas and collaborative spirit. Their year-long journey culminates in May 2024 with a celebratory event. Each ChangeMaker will be recognized with a Jefferson Award, the nation's most prestigious honor for volunteerism. This accolade signifies the transformative impact they've made in communities throughout Greater Boston.

At Leadership Brainery, JAKE leads a team charged with building and sustaining partnerships with pipeline organizations, recruiting for our signature graduate school readiness programs, and engaging students at every level of formal learning who aspire to the highest levels of education — master's and doctoral degrees.

JAKE is very familiar with promoting civic engagement and pursuing organized volunteer efforts as a way to inspire a better world. He is an alumnus member of Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed community service organization and the largest volunteer-based fraternity in the United States. The invitation to become an inaugural ChangeMaker in Boston is a testament to JAKE's long-term and steadfast commitment to leadership, service, and equity.

The entire Leadership Brainery community celebrates this incredible distinction alongside JAKE and uplifts his continued efforts towards positive community-based impact in Greater Boston and beyond!


Multiplying Good, Inc. is a national nonprofit organization that channels the power of public service to unleash potential in individuals. For over 51 years, Multiplying Good has honored those who build better communities, trained young service leaders, and activated individuals and organizations through a continuum that starts with engagement and culminates in celebration. Multiplying Good's programs fuel personal growth and multiplies the power of service to others; through recognition, they inspire individuals—and those who hear their stories of service to deliver greater positive change. 

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